You have questions, we got the answers. Find a selection of requests we received from interested artists and other tattoo enthusiasts as well as topics we wanted to talk about already in the first place. If there are any other subjects you want to learn about regarding Carbon Black Tattoo Ink don’t hesitate to let us know. Contact us anytime!

Yes, after extensive and detailed studies of the new COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2020/2081 or better know as Tattoo-REACH from our side we fully adapted to the requirement of this legal framework and made it the base of our production. We work closely together with professional chemists and laboratories such as CTL Bielefeld to make sure compliance is not only followed but also documented. With Carbon Black Tattoo Ink you are using a REACH compliant product not only regarding the tattoo ink itself but also in regards of labeling and declaration which can be bought with all EU member states‘ national language requirements from our Official Distributors

The most important ingredient of a tattoo ink is, of course, the pigment itself, as well as a carrier substance with which the pigment can become a liquid tattoo ink. But this is not where we stop! With our specialized, academic background knowledge in chemical science, as well as years of experience in the natural cosmetics industry and the permanent make up field, we want to get the maximum out of tattoo inks. Therefore, we consider very carefully and in detail the advantages of various substances in order to optimize the intensity and workability of Carbon Black Tattoo Ink. Of course, we primarily take care to create products in which every ingredient is absolutely compatible with the body and does not cause any side reactions or other complications in the human body.


Skin compatible distilled water which serves as a carrier substance for all other ingriedients, most importantly the pigment



Purified high quality pigment which creates the smoothest blends in combination with the other substances in our products.



Our FILLER 12 contains a small amount of Glycerin to make sure to create the pasty viscosity some tattoo artists love so much. Glycerin has been used in the cosmetics industry for decades and we make sure only to add so much to benefit #12 with its composition while making sure to stick to all legal requirements



Is our basic binder which makes sure all other substances in Carbon Black Tattoo Ink work together perfectly. Kolliphor is a very efficient binding substance we decided to us in our products as no derivatives are known to form also after sterilization processes making it very safe to be used in tattoo inks.

We are not using any kind of animal substances or byproducts. This is why our products have been considered vegan in the past and will be also in the future.

Please see our DISTRIBUTORS section to learn more about where to buy Carbon Black Tattoo Ink.

We are not using any kind of preserving agents. This results in Carbon Black Tattoo Ink being a „cleaner“ product and also helps with following EU REACH guidelines. For this fact we also recommend to store our tattoo inks dry and cool with no exposure to sunlight and use them up within a few months after opening. 

Well, there are countless combinations to use Carbon Black for your perfect result. In general one could say the lighter tones are definitely the ideal base for realistic tattoos, whereas the darker tones will suit for traditional work. Filler 13 is considered to be an allrounder by many, and even can be used for linework. But we suggest you run through the full range of Carbon Black Tattoo Ink when using our products for the first time. This will give you the chance to stock up with your favourite shades in the future. 

We are also keen to know what combinations of Carbon Black Tattoo Ink you like to us. So don’t hesitate to shoot us a message via our contact form and tell us about your experiences! We are planing to feature tattoo artists and let them speak about what Carbon Black they like to use the most.